Ladies night out at The Truro Festival

Truro Festival began with a jam packed Saturday full of events and activities to pick and choose from.  Instead of being involved with this particular Festival event, this time, I organised two of my friends to join me in attending this woman only occasion – ‘Salon du Chocolat’ performed by Rebecca Mordan and Sharon Andrew.  The duo are talented in their ability to convey literature that captivates and entertains.  I had indicated to my friends that Salon du Chocolat was performed by Scary Little Girls Theatre company.

Salon Du chocolat

When chocolate was first brought to England in the 1600s, it was considered a taboo substance, enjoyed only by the scandalous and elite in private salons.  Some of our finest literature was also once considered too provocative for public consumption and was heard in similar salon environments by only the boldest of ears!

Scary Little Girls invited a female-only audience to join them for a stimulating and intimate evening of storytelling celebrating the relationship between salons, chocolate and forbidden literature!  We heard of tales which explored female desires from authors such as Edna St Vincent Millay, Stella Duffy, John Keats and Daphne du Maurier – and of course enjoyed chocolate treats too!

I met the delightful performers at last year’s Truro Festival in our cosy yurt on Lemon Quay during howling gales.  It was a fabulous evening full of laughter and decadent literature.

As this was our rare ‘girls night out’ in Truro we organised, to try the new bar and wine merchant ‘The Art of Wine’  situated in Nalders Court before heading to the show.  Home to some fabulous independent fashion boutiques such as Melange, Plum and Benetton, as well as The Original Art ShopNalders Court leads off Pydar Street, just at the entrance to Laura Ashley.

The Art of Wine has a unique and chic interior where we could sample wines from a smart gadget dispenser called WineEmotion.  The dispenser keeps the wine at a perfect temperature and we were able to sample the wine at a reasonable price per glass, small, medium or large.  We managed to sample two, with guidance from the knowledgeable Roland.  I preferred the fruity South African Sauvignon Blanc, Ataraxia by Kevin Grant. I ended up buying a bottle for a special occasion.

We then, raced off for the performance at 7pm on Lemon Quay.  The marquee was decorated in the theme of Samuel Foote.  (Truro’s long lost Truronian from the 18th century, he was the first stand-up comedian and known as the funniest man in London.)  The lights were dimmed and the lectern was poised for the drama to unfold.  We had exerts from ‘A Letter to my Love’ by Nicholas Stuart Gray, to ‘In Praise of Older Women’ by Frank Kaiser.  During the interval we were served rich hot chocolate from Oscars Coffee Shop and Deli (from Samuel Foote’s Coffee house), as well as delicious homemade brownies with flickers of ginger.

Salon Du Chocolac

The evening continued with highlights from ‘Mistress of the Art of Death’ by Ariana Franklin and ended on a high with ‘The Ballad of Freda and Barry’ by Victoria Wood.  In a flash of the eye, the evening was over and you could tell that the audience thoroughly enjoyed it – wonderful to hear good hearty laughter from all the women.


Late Night Shopping in Truro #ChristmasTruro

It was a beautiful clear night in Truro as I left work to go and meet my friend at the top of Pydar Street. We were so excited to spend some time together and have a browse in Truro during late night shopping.


(When we were younger, we would often go shopping, choose a glamourous top and then out on the town and party late into the night, now we both have families and it’s challenging to even get out the door by ourselves! ) We reminisced and browsed, enjoying the cold evening air in Truro.

The Truro Christmas Prime Stock and Product Show had been on in Lemon Quay throughout the day and events were drawing to a close. This is such a unique annual event for the city, to see the county’s finest cattle on display in the shopping capitol of Cornwall – its quirky but it works!

As the Christmas lights glittered, town was full of people enjoying themselves and browsing in the shops. We headed into New Look to find Christmas strappy heels, no luck – after four attempts of trying on shoes, I failed to purchase a pair – too fussy and we moved on.

We had a quick glimpse in Preloved Boutique‘s new premises at 17 Pydar Street – it looked well laid out, clean, with dresses on sale, suited to all Christmas parties!

Lush at the top of Pydar Street was full of customers trying and experimenting with their unusual and sweet smelling beauty products. Bath bombs, bath playdough, hair creams and wobble jelly soaps – essential Christmas stocking fillers.

Truro Cathedral enticed us to go in to have some quiet time, light a candle and say a prayer. The Cathedral has a large striking Christmas tree, with simple decorations and the fresh smell of fir.

Christmas Carols

Truro Choral Society

Late night shopping (1)

Christmas Carols

We discovered Truro Choral Society singing, five young men with incredible voices from bass to soprano, singing all in harmony. Sitting in the Cathedral was special and we appreciated the gentleman’s voices before moving on.

We then walked towards Boscaswen Street under the twinkling blanket of lights of Kings Street. We headed past some of the large retailers, who were bustling with activity! Flash sales here and there. Our objective was to see some of the street entertainment and view what was for sale in the street markets. The fire eaters and Mother Santa, as well as the Camborne Youth Band were around and filled the streets with festive cheer.

Our noses (and empty bellies) then led us towards New Bridge and St Marys Street to find somewhere less crowded to enjoy some food and mulled wine. We weren’t disappointed! The Old Grammar School offered a choice of three delicious street food dishes seafood paella, pulled pork and vegetable risotto.

After dinner, we stepped back onto Boscawen Street to see if there was more space to look at the street markets and found a fabulous nut store. Macadamia, almonds, honey coated cashews to savoury fiery flavours.

Singing outside The White Company

Singing outside The White Company

As our evening drew to a close, we relished the atmosphere and enjoyed being in Truro. The Christmas lights sparkled and the three angels on Trafalgar Roundabout bid us a fond farewell.