What’s going on in The Hub Box

You are probably wondering what all the hub ba balula is about, well – The Hub Box is all about great burgers and excellent service, American style food with a British quality stamp. The Hub Box makes honest quality burgers for a fair price – with all its own homemade sauces.

As you walk into the Hub Box in Kenwyn Street, you are immediately greeted by a friendly waiter. The interior is raw, industrial and rustic modern, with the beautiful beams of the old chapel exposed, it really is a great building to admire. It’s bustling with people enjoying food, from babies, large families to the elderly. What strikes you is the number of families coming in and sitting in The Hub Box, this is clearly a place which welcomes all ages.

You are also struck by the brightly coloured large scale wall mural, which was painted by London Based artist, David Shillinghaw. You will find his work in all of the Hubs in the South West of the UK.

Richard Boon and Max Towill, Head Chef are the brains behind this Cornwall icon. Within in Truro, the first Hub Box was on Lemon Quay and now their new premises is in Kenwyn Street. Max is the man behind the food on offer and is vehement about creating a quality homemade burger. Meat is sourced from a quality butchers – Philip Warren Cornish Butchers.

From humble beginnings in the 30 foot container on Lemon Quay with 3 tables to a full on restaurant with 30 tables, The Hub Box in Truro truly took a plunge. Also the transition from the container on the quay where the kitchen was tiny to a huge, fully functional kitchen! The turnaround from the Quay was only 5 days from being closed and then a fresh start at the new premises.

A Typical Day

The day starts off with a quick team meeting and preparation for the week. Usually Wednesdays are popular with customers having a meal out and going to the Cinema for Orange Wednesday.

Favourite foods off the menu include The Big Kahuna, whilst top selling cocktails are the Orchard Highball (pear vodka, elderflower bubbly, fresh lemon and pressed apple) and a firm favourite is ‘Expresso Rocks’, Origin expresso, vanilla vodka and Kahlua.

Josh Metcalf and Jade Web are the Managers of the Truro Hub Box and are passionate about The Hub Box experience.

Customers choice of drinks vary from traditional malt shakes to ice cold beer nestled in ice in Belfast sinks in the centre of the table. The Hub Box has a wide variety of beers and on Friday and Saturday the place is buzzing with Truro revelers late into the night.

The service team are attentive and energetic, which is refreshing and just the way you would like good service to be. The specials of the day are shared with enthusiasm. The waiters have tablets which are linked to the tills (pocket touch) and within a few minutes from ordering your lemonade, one appears at your table. The food and drinks industry requires long hours and commitment, therefore having a committed team is beneficial in keeping the high energy up.

Keep your eyes peeled on The Hub Box Facebook page, as a lucky winner, has just received his prize of free burgers for the year!!!!

Next stop is to see The Hub Box in Plymouth and Bristol – bringing hub love to everyone in the South West.


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