Welcome to Truro

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to the wonderful owners of the newly opened Midtown Deli & Cafe on King Street.

What a transformation that unit has made in just a few short weeks, every time we have walked past there has been a bustle of activity; painting, sanding and sawing behind a collage of newspaper.

This morning the Midtown Deli & Cafe opened its doors to the public and we can honestly say that it looks absolutely stunning! Predominantly a classy white with splashes of reds, yellows and blues the interior exudes calm and relaxation. The large window frontage allows for an unobstructed view from the window seats (who doesn’t love a bit of people watching?), and you can imagine yourself settling down with a nice hot mug of coffee and a deliciously thick handmade wedge of a sandwich! Their upstairs seating area will be opening tomorrow (Wednesday 30 May), and we’re sure that will look and feel just as fabulous.

Here are a few snaps that we took on our visit:

20140429_100208 20140429_100028 20140429_100036

(We love, love, LOVE this flooring! Definitely something we haven’t seen before, though we were told it was a bit of a nightmare to lay – we don’t doubt it!)

If you’re looking for somewhere new to try for a relaxed lunch or something on the go then make sure you visit the Midtown Deli & Cafe! Take a look at their Facebook page for all their latest news šŸ™‚



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