Truro Festival Everywhere

We hope you like our image for Truro Festival this year. We’ve been working hard alongside our graphic designer to come up with something fresh that captures the spirit of Truro and its’ culture.

This year you won’t be able to escape – we’ve taken up advertising in bus shelters, plastered Cornwall’s capital with posters and banners, and distributed our guides far and wide! In fact while I was enjoying the sunshine last weekend on a walk from Penryn to Falmouth (and back – 6.1 miles I’ll have you know and yes, the .1 does make a difference!) I witnessed this beautiful sight:


I think we definitely chose the right colours; you can see it from a mile away and it looks just as good up close as it does at a distance.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid all our efforts to grab your attention and direct it towards our Truro Festival then you must be living in a hovel!


One thought on “Truro Festival Everywhere

  1. Amy Weeks says:

    I’ve been noticing these all around Cornwall – they look great! Glad to hear everything is coming together – and look forward to hearing more via the blog! Good luck with those guides too.

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