Attack of the guides

Last week we received thousands of Truro Festival guides in HEAVY boxes that are now piled at the bottom of our stairs. All of which need to be delivered *sigh*.

Charla (our PR and marketing manager) was a star and delivered 5,000 guides, about 30 boxes, to larger business around the city last week in her car, but now comes the motherload. Today we will be delivering the rest on foot. Que breaking arms and hot sweats as we struggle with our heavy loads from shops to cafes. At least the exercise will definitely cancel out the delicious chocolate pastry we had for lunch, right? 

Wish us luck! 



Truro Festival Everywhere

We hope you like our image for Truro Festival this year. We’ve been working hard alongside our graphic designer to come up with something fresh that captures the spirit of Truro and its’ culture.

This year you won’t be able to escape – we’ve taken up advertising in bus shelters, plastered Cornwall’s capital with posters and banners, and distributed our guides far and wide! In fact while I was enjoying the sunshine last weekend on a walk from Penryn to Falmouth (and back – 6.1 miles I’ll have you know and yes, the .1 does make a difference!) I witnessed this beautiful sight:


I think we definitely chose the right colours; you can see it from a mile away and it looks just as good up close as it does at a distance.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid all our efforts to grab your attention and direct it towards our Truro Festival then you must be living in a hovel!


That’s right Enjoy Truro finally has its own blog after all these years so welcome!

We will be posting about all the big events going on in Truro, all the small events going on in Truro, the lovely shops and businesses in Truro and anything interesting that we see while we’re out and about.

We will try to keep it light and entertaining and hopefully you’ll keep coming back to read more. In between reading our (exciting) posts you can take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages for your daily fix of Truro!